Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Cooking Time: 4 hours
Servings: 4
½ teaspoon salt
2 cups water
1 medium onion, chopped coarsely
8 pieces chicken thighs, skinless
½ cup prunes
1 ¼ teaspoons curry powder
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

  1. In slow cooker, mix well salt, water, curry powder, and cinnamon.
  2. Add prunes and onions.
  3. Place chicken in a single layer in slow cooker, if possible.
  4. Cover and cook for 4 hours on high settings.
    Nutrition: Calories per serving: 958 Carbohydrates: 55.73g Protein: 50.65g Fat:
    59.96g Sugar: 1.19g Sodium: 2465mg Fiber: 1g